Becker Safety and Supply is a member of the Distributor Partners of America (DPA), which gives us unparalleled buying power. This allows us to buy the best products in bulk and compete (and sometimes beat) the prices of the big box stores.


When you combine this with our fast delivery fleet, rapid personal service, and professional advice, you’ll soon find that Becker is your new go-to safety and supply retailer.

Believe it or not, Consumer Reports doesn’t test this stuff! That’s where our product knowledge and reference material becomes invaluable. Which glove do you need to handle an acid spill? What grade of eye protection is OSHA requiring this year? And do you trust the advice of the big box store employee who was just hired last week?

If you’re looking for real-world advice on the latest and greatest products, contact us today.


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Service is our attitude. Excellence is our goal. Integrity is our commitment. His glory is our purpose!
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