Gas Clip


Becker Safety and Supply has partnered with Gas Clip Technologies.  Gas Clip offers a wide range of gas monitors and calibration stations to get your company up and running!  The MGC-IR gas monitor detects up to 4 gases and has a battery life of 2 months! This extended battery life is achieved from an Infared LEL sensor.  Find out what the differences between IR and Pellistor sensors Gas Clip has to offer by clicking HERE. From a single gas monitor to a four gas monitor with a pump, Gas Clip has a solution for your company!  Click below for various brochures for Gas Clip Monitors.

GAS CLIP frequently updates their website with the most current firmware updates for all devices and software.  Please click on the link below to find the most recent update for your current device.

Come to Becker Safety and Supply and we can get you the right monitor for your next job.

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